information @ victoria

name: Victoria Anabelle Winnifred Vandercroft III
age: 25
gender: female
sculpt: Pinky Street Pinky:chara Tenjho Tenge Pinky Round 3: Emi Isuzu
size: 10cm
arrival date: February 17th, 2012
eye color: brown
hair color: pink
personality: massive attitude and snobbiness
family: elite socialites, all of them
orientation: none of your business
likes: tacos, getting her way
dislikes: probably you
quick bio: While she seems on the surface to be nothing more than a shallow socialite, she just so happens to be a vampire hunter, and a very skilled one at that. Being as there are vampire residents of the House, she has to behave herself in that respect... but should anyone cross her, they better look out!
ooc: Released in June of 2005, she is the third doll in the Tenjo Tenge set; I had no idea what anime or manga she was from when I got her, just loved her overall look. She has an alternate school uniform outfit of white blouse, red tie, blue skirt, white socks, and black shoes, plus six throwing daggers and came with an information booklet and a bunch of postcards. I bought her from Zenasas on Ebay.
special item in her head: inner head isn't meant to be taken apart