information @ violet

name: Violet
age: 37
gender: female
sculpt: Strawberry Shortcake Plum Pudding
size: 16cm
arrival date: December 6, 2010
eye color: purple
hair color: purple
personality: wise, understanding, and a there's a little bit of foxy hidden beneath this homemaker mom's caring warmth
family: everybody is family!
orientation: open-minded
likes: baking, sewing, running charity sales
dislikes: willful ignorance, cruelty, waste
quick bio: "Vi" likes being a mommy to anyone who needs one, styling hair, and bombing around the kitchen. She also knows how to have a good time when the occassion calls for it, and loves to throw well-planned parties. It's difficult to place her perfume scent, but she sure smells pretty!
ooc: I bought her from Target, and the scented doll is a blast from the past. Her face has a ton of character too, she really does come off as something more than a little kid doll.
special item in her head: head isn't made to come off.