information @ von

name: Von
age: a true lady does not reveal his age
gender: male
sculpt: Monster High boy-modded Spectra Vondergeist
size: 28cm
arrival date: December 5th, 2011
eye color: mint green and soft purple
hair color: purple with lighter purple streaks
personality: diva extraordinaire, gives and takes no nonsense
family: dead and buried
orientation: as gay as gay gets, and then gay it up some more
likes: Karl, leather, chains, fishnet, lace, pretty much anything risqué... and that little ghostbrat of a ferret, Ruin
dislikes: boos and distasteful remarks- oh no you didn't!
quick bio: Von just pretty much is who he is, and is glad that being a ghost doesn't limit how much time he can spend in the corporeal world. He can choose to have physical substance, or walk through walls and fly, or become completely invisible. He is now Karl's happily-subservient ghost minion.
ooc: I took one look at the pictures online and said, "......guy." And the actual male Monster High dolls are frustratingly derpy, but this ghosty, wowhawt. So, upon getting him home, I went to work sanding down the girlchest. Turns out there isn't much plastic before the inner body space, but the way it worked out, he has almost rib-shaped holes in his chest and I like the effect. It actually looks professional, if mildly unconventional.
etc: He was purchased from Cars and More Cars via
special item in his head: head isn't made to come off.