dollies @ the_wishlist

priority -- high

grail doll:
    ? - dollmore ice dahlia (white skin)

character dolls:
    tirsden - resinsoul mei (dark tan or maybe dark grey skin)
    jean - dollzone 70cm edward (white skin fullset)
    einen - impldoll charles (white skin)
    rion - dream of doll homme kirill (normal skin)

just plain want:
    ? - resinsoul fei (sky blue skin)

    strata's body - dream of doll d.o.t. boy (normal skin)
    emyrren's body - dollzone 72cm boy (normal pink skin)
    artemis's body - dollzone 60cm boy (normal pink skin)
    celina's body - Dollzone 62cm girl body (normal pink skin)
    tychonderus's body - fairyland pukipuki (white skin)

priority -- moderate

character dolls:
    rhiim - soom dia boy (white skin)
    zeres - dollzone boy gretta (normal pink skin)
    isis - angell-studio lucifer white (must be tan if they'll do it, faceup)
    hotaru (sailor saturn) - luts kid delf girl mango (faceup?, normal skin)

just plain want:
    ? - dollzone megi-2 (normal pink skin fullset)
    ? - soom sweet (normal skin)
    ? - dollzone jeremy (white skin, fullset?)
    ? - doll chateau faramita (white skin)

jian's wishlist:
    ? - dream of doll dob boy pisce (normal skin)
    ? - luts honey delf pie (normal real skin)
    little rion - dollmore banji elf elly boy dio (gold) (normal skin)

aiden's wishlist:
    ? - spiritdoll bloom (white skin, faceup)

priority -- low

character dolls:
    riddick - iplehouse luo (normal skin)
    ragnos - angell studio rone (white skin)
    roan - angell studio ty (white skin)
    damien - angell studio ty (solid butter skin)
    kano - bobobie lian head (normal skin, faceup, 72cm dollzone boy body)

because they're pretty:
    ? - bobobie sprite (green skin, faceup?)
    ? - bobobie boy ariel (wu body) (pink skin, faceup)
    ? - bobobie boy ariel (wu body) (white skin, faceup?)
    ? - angell studio hua xi sp (solid white skintone)
    ? - angel of dream shajia (white skin)
    ? - hujoo wawa (white skin)
    ? - spiritdoll herber (white skin, faceup)
    ? - bobobie tony
    ? - dollzone moment-ji (tan?, fullset)
    ? - dollzone natasha (white skin, fullset?)
    ? - junga toy d.skull (white skin)

the ones I'll probably never get... but stay listed just in case
    sirrus - dream of doll kellan (normal skin)
    teen aiden - dream of doll sha (normal skin)
    kaito kiseki - iplehouse bichun (normal skin)
    vincent - angel fantasy eva (normal pink skin)
    lady gaga - dream of doll dot tahlia (normal skin)
    ? - dollzone hong (normal pink skin fullset, DZ discontinued)
    ? - dream of doll doc dustin (normal skin)
    ? - dream of doll doc cyma (normal skin)
    ? - soom kyrie [cream white]
    ? - dollmore dreaming luv (on a glorydoll hs boy body?)