information @ zhas

name: Iglata "Zhas" Auvryndar
age: 6
gender: male
sculpt: Bobobie boy Ariel (Wu body), lilac skin & custom company faceup
size: 44cm
arrival date: October 19th, 2011
eye color: red
hair color: white with shock of hot pink in the front
personality: distrustful, skittish, somewhat feral
family: uncle Khal'zar
orientation: unknown
likes: hiding special things away
dislikes: strangers, this new place, sunlight
not-so-quick bio: Zhas is the young nephew of Nightweaver's Khal'zar Auvryndar, a drow from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe. Khal'zar did not know about Zhas's existence until after the boy found his new home here.
   Khal'zar's sister Felynala became pregnant and hid that fact as well as the child once he was born. The child was given to a lesser house with a promise that if they took care of him, she would look favorably on them whenever she managed to take over her own house (her mother was matron mother at the time). Lolth the Spider Queen deity was not pleased, and when Iglata was three years old, his mother came to reclaim him and abandoned him in the tunnels of the underdark in an attempt to appease her deity. This did not work, and her own mother killed her after divining why the house had fallen out of favor; this pleased Lolth.
   The boy was found by svirfneblin (deep gnomes) and instead of slaying him on sight, they gave him a chance to prove himself something other than an enemy since he was so young. He began to grow up wild and a bit feral, and eventually was lost to a magical portal that brought him to where he is now... here.
   His given name Iglata means "promise" in the drow language, and Zhas means "wild" in the same language, the name the gnomes gave him.

ooc: I have been seriously smitten by this sculpt thanks to Junky Spot's business card. I now literally want three of these guys, but for now, the dark elf version will do. The others I would like to get later in pink and white skin. Zhas is scaled to the Aster Scale.
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.