custom_info @ zhas

overview: Zhas is a Bobobie boy Ariel (he's on a Wu body) in lilac skin, with a custom-request company faceup of white eyebrows and eyelashes so he can be a proper drow. I waited 72 days for him, and ordered him directly from Bobobie.

His wig is a Spite & Malice fur 6.5-7" fur in "Pure White" with "Shocking Pink" flash. He has Dollzone 14mm red glass eyes, the ones that originally came with Little Karl. Zhas has been completely restrung with Dollmore 2mm (arms) and 3mm (body) elastic. Besides what I have sewn for him, he has a pair red patterned pants and a red/black torn-style shirt from TnT Doll Clothing.

box opening: DA version, Youtube version part 1 and part 2.

clothes I have sewn for him:
~ Underdark outfit: full outfit, shirt details, back (modelled by Aiden)

character and stats: Are over here.